"> Best Urethra Stone Surgery (Closed Method Treatment) Doctors in Turkey

Best Urethra Stone Surgery (Closed Method Treatment) Doctors in Turkey

Urethra stone surgery is one of the solutions to the kidney stone problem experienced by many people today. Some minerals and other substances that cannot be dissolved by the kidney can begin to crystallize over time and take the form of sand or stone. These stones can be attached to the urethra, also known as the urinary tract, which can cause unbearable pain in people. In case these stones block the urinary tract or make it difficult to pass urine, urethroid stone treatment can be performed using closed method. 

There are many different methods used for the treatment of ureer stone, but when these methods are examined, it is seen that the operation, which is completed as soon as possible and is considered as the most modern method, is the breakage of stones with closed method. These surgeries are also known as a very effective method for evacuating sand or stones trapped in the ureer. 

What is Ureer Stone?

Ureter stone is a condition in which crystallized electrolytes and minerals that accumulate in the kidneys and cannot be filtered grow into stones over time and then become stuck in the ureter tube that extends from the kidneys to the bladder. At this point, it can be very difficult and painful to urinate because the urinary tract of the patients is blocked. As a result of this condition, urine pressure in the kidneys increases and excruciating pain, also known as stone pain, occurs. 

These crystals, which the kidneys cannot dissolve, can be excreted with urine undetected when they are very small. However, the fact that the stones are too large to be thrown painlessly causes much more angles than thought. This pain occurs because the stones both make it difficult to urinate and put urine pressure on the kidneys.  Surgical operations will be the most effective and fast treatment method for these sand-like small stones trapped in the ureer area. Today, it is done by laser breaking the stones, which are most commonly known as closed methods for the removal of ureer stone, and making them small enough to be excreted with urine.  

Which area is looking at the urethra stone?

People who have kidney and ureer stone problems and want this problem solved are wondering which department they should go to and doing research in this context. People who want to be treated with urethro stone, also referred to as both kidney and urinary tract, should make an appointment with the urology department. Doctors who specialize in urology examine both urinary tract and reproductive systems. Since stone compression in the urethra is also a problem in the urinary tract, people who experience kidney pain should see a urologist to ensure that the necessary examinations, tests and treatments are carried out. 

What is Urethra Stone Surgery (Closed Method Treatment)?

People who are wondering what ureer stone surgery (closed method treatment) operation is should know that this operation is performed with laser technique. In this way, it is ensured that the problems caused by kidney stones are eliminated without the need to make any incisions to the body of the patients. Moreover, the removal of stones in the ureer takes a very short time with the closed method. The laser refraction operation of the ureer stone is completed in approximately 30 minutes. After the operation, the patient is rested under supervision for several hours and then discharge procedures are performed. That is, patients do not need to stay in hospital environment for days. 

How is Urethra Stone Surgery (Closed Method Treatment) performed?

 People who are researching the urethra stone surgery (closed method treatment) process are also curious about the steps taken to perform this operation. At this point, you can take a look at the list below to learn the steps applied in kidney and urinary tract stones surgeries performed by closed method. 

  • First of all, local or general anesthesia is applied in order to prevent patients from feeling any pain during the operation. 
  • With the camera endoscopy device, the patient is allowed to enter the place where he urinates. 
  • The bladder has two connections, the right kidney and the left kidney, and the urinary tract is examined with the camera device and the stones are displayed. 
  • The detected stones are divided into small pieces with the laser device. 
  • If the split parts are smaller than the grain of sand, the stones are expected to be drained with urine. If the large stone remains despite the laser application, it will be taken by operation. 

The method mentioned in the list above are the steps followed for URS surgery. Thanks to this method, stones that block the urinary tract of people and put pressure on their kidneys are removed from the body. 

Ureer Stone Surgery by Laser Method (Closed Method Treatment)

Many different methods have been used for kidney stone treatment from the past to the present. However, when these methods are examined, it is seen that the operation completed in the most efficient and short time is the laser closed surgical method. In this method, no incision is made on the patient's body and there is no surgical scar attached to it. Although pneumatic, also known as a mechanical crushing machine, can be used in the surgical steps mentioned in the previous title, the use of this machine is not very preferred. Since the pneumatic tool, which allows the stones to be broken by vibration, can cause the stone to go back to the kidney side during its vibrations, the ideal method would be to break the stones with laser. 

The laser device helps to break down kidney and urethre stones without question. Most of the time, laser-broken stones in patients' kidneys are not evacuated by the doctor. Because the parts are quite small and the patient can easily excrete these formations from his body with urine. However, as we mentioned earlier, if these stones are large, the post-laser evacuation can be performed by the doctor. 

What are the Advantages of Urethra Stone Surgery (Closed Method Treatment)?

Urethra stone surgery (closed method treatment) brings many advantageous situations. The laser method applied to eliminate the problems that cause patients to experience intense and unbearable pain and burning sensation helps patients to relax directly. In addition, failure to remove the ureer stone that clogs the urinary tract can cause the kidneys to overwell and greatly damage the kidneys due to urinary pressure within a few days. It is very important that the stones seen in the kidney or ureer are broken by laser without facing these conditions. 

Process After Urethra Stone Surgery (Closed Method Treatment)  

Individuals who will undergo urether stone surgery wonder what should be considered after this surgery. At this point, it should be known that since there are no surgical incisions in this surgery, people can return to their daily lives within 24 hours. This includes bathing, going to work and similar activities. If the pieces of stone broken by the laser were not taken by the doctor, some burning may occur when urinating. However, this pain is too low to compare with preoperative.  

If a stent is inserted after urethre surgery, more attention will be required. Because performing certain movements in patients with stents can be quite painful. Especially patients with stents are advised to avoid heavy exercises for a while. Patients who have undergone urethrop stone surgery, stent application or not, should contact their doctor if they encounter any problems and should receive information and act in accordance with the doctor's recommendations.



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