"> Best Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Balloon Sinuplasty surgery is carried out in the presence of chronic sinus infections. This operation is performed in order to treat patients whose drug therapy is not effective. Patients who have improved as a result of drug therapy are not operated on unless necessary.

There are 8 sinuses in total, including 4 in the right part of the facial region and 4 in the left part. These sinuses are very important for moistening, filtering and heating the received air. If the sinus hole is closed, the secreted fluid does not flow through the sinuses into the nose. This condition is called sinusitis.

The Balloon Sinuplasty method has been practiced in the United States since 2005. Incision is not used when applying this method. The mouth of the sinus is opened using special equipment. Thanks to this, the ventilation of the sinus is ensured. At the same time, the inside is cleaned during the operation, which allows the patient to get rid of their complaints.

Balloon sinuplasty method has been used frequently in recent years due to the various advantages it provides. It is recommended that people who have doubts about having a chronic sinus infection go to an ENT specialist and get examined without wasting time.

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

The question of what is balloon sinuplasty surgery is often asked. Thanks to this method, which has been used for many years, an endoscope is inserted through the patient's nostril during sinus surgery and the patient is treated without making any incisions and without experiencing bleeding.

The balloon sinuplasty method also minimizes the complications that may occur during surgery. Therefore, it is possible to say that the balloon sinuplasty method is

the most effective and reliable method of treating sinusitis. It is observed that patients who have undergone surgery have regained their health after surgery and are living a better quality of life.

As technology develops, the health field also receives a significant share of this situation. Every day new techniques are emerging and new special devices are being manufactured. Balloon sinuplasty is also one of them. However, in order to be able to have surgery using this method, you must be unable to respond to medication.

Which Department Deals with the Balloon Sinuplasty?

People who think that they have some problems with their sinuses are wondering which department of the hospitals they should go to and are researching this situation on the internet. If you think that there is a problem with your sinuses, you will need to go to the otolaryngology (ENT) departments of hospitals and see an ENT specialist.

To make an appointment with the ENT department of hospitals, you can use the MHRS channel or call the 182 appointment line. Thanks to this, it is possible to create an appointment on any day and at any time. But please note that after creating an appointment, you need to be in the hospital just in time.

The specialist doctor will diagnose you after examining you and start treatment. Patients are often asked to be treated with medication. But, unfortunately, drug therapy is not a very effective method for chronic sinusitis. Therefore, for patients who cannot respond to the drug, Balloon Sinuplasty surgery can be applied. At the end of this operation, the patient will regain his health and fully recover.

What is Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery?

Balloon Sinoplasty surgery is an operation that requires fine work. Since the sinuses are adjacent to vital organs and vessels, extreme caution should be exercised during surgery. For this reason, Balloon Sinuplasty operations are performed by specialized surgeons. However, since special equipment and tools are used in this operation, the probability of complications is quite low.

Patients with chronic sinus infection can regain their health thanks to this surgery. Balloon Sinoplasty is a very advantageous method because the operation takes place without incision and bleeding. Even hematological patients can safely undergo this operation.

In balloon sinuplasty surgery, the sinuses are cleaned and the closure of the canals is prevented. After surgery, patients can return to their daily lives by being discharged within a short period of time. To summarize briefly, the most effective and safest method for chronic sinusitis infection surgery is Balloon Sinuplasty.

How is Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery Performed?

Before Balloon Sinuplasty surgery performed, the patient is given local and general anesthesia. Thanks to this, the patient does not feel pain and soreness at the time of surgery. Then, an endoscope is inserted through the nostril to provide access to the

sinus. After that, the balloon located on the wire is inflated in the corresponding part of the sinus so that the ostium becomes open.

After these procedures, the inflammation and deposits in the sinus are cleaned with the help of medicated serum. After surgery, tampons are not used and bleeding does not occur. All these actions take about 5 minutes. But in some cases, the duration of the operation can be up to 1 hour.

The patient wakes up comfortably because no tampons are placed in the nose. After a 5-6-hour rest in the hospital, the patient is discharged and returns to his daily life in a short time. Thus, the whole process will be completed. This operation is quite effective and reliable, as there is a low probability of complications.

Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery with Micro Surgery

It can not be said that the microsurgery method is used for Balloon Sinuplasty surgery. As you can understand from the name, the balloon sinuplasty technique is used when performing this operation. With the help of a balloon inserted into the patient's sinuses, the channels are opened, and then the sinus is completely cleaned with serum.

An endoscope is used in the balloon sinuplasty method. In this way, the parts that are difficult to be seen can be seen easily. Another advantage of this method is that it prevents damage to dangerous organs and structures. Since a comfortable image is provided, the operation can be completed safely.

Balloon sinuplasty surgery is used only for the treatment of people who have not responded to medication. Whether surgery will be performed on you will be determined as a result of the surgeries performed by your specialist doctor. If it is deemed necessary to have surgery as a result of these examinations, the operation is performed on the specified date and takes about 5-10 minutes.

What are the Advantages of Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery with Microsurgery?

Balloon Sinuplasty surgery provides a number of advantages to patients and specialist doctors performing the operation. The advantages of this technique are outlined below.

       The balloon catheter, which is passed through the nostrils, does not damage other organs and structures.

       Since anesthesia is performed, the patient does not feel anything at the time of surgery.

       The healing process is quite short and comfortable.

       The patient can return to his daily life 1 Day after the operation.

      No incision is made and bleeding does not occur.

       Tampons are not applied after surgery.

       The patient does not need to be hospitalized. The patient can be discharged within a few hours.

      The duration of the operation is a maximum of 10 minutes.

       The patient does not experience much pain and suffering in the subsequent process.

       The patient's nutrition and breathing are not restricted.

       After the operation, all complaints caused by the disease will disappear.

       The risk of complications is very low.

      It is one of the most reliable and effective methods.

Thanks to all these advantages, the patient is able to successfully exit the operation and regain his health. Before the operation takes place, the doctor informs the patient about the operation and answers the questions.

The Process After Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery with Microsurgery

After Balloon Sinuplasty surgery, the process is wondered by many. After the operation, the patient will not be given a tampon, so there is a comfortable and painless process. If the patient smokes, he should quit and not be exposed to chemical odors. In addition, allergic conditions, if any, should be controlled.

A moisture balance should be maintained in the patient's home and working environment. The medications prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly and the controls should be followed regularly. In addition, a drug that the doctor does not recommend should never be used. If you pay attention to all these situations, you can recover and regain your health in a short time.

After the operation, your doctor will give you all the necessary information. In the light of these information, you may need to change your lifestyle to a certain extent. Our advice to you is that you follow your doctor's recommendations and use your medications regularly. If you are not careful after surgery, you may face various health problems and experience many problems.



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