"> Best Leg Aesthetics Doctors in Turkey

Best Leg Aesthetics Doctors in Turkey

Leg aesthetics is one of the aesthetic operations women get done often. Women who do not have proportional legs, have undesired looks on the legs due to weight gain and loss and too thin from the birth, people with crooked or outstretched legs can have the desired look thanks to these aesthetic operations. Today, in medical, due to the usage of lots of technology, leg aesthetics operations can be operated in different methods. The method which will be chosen in these operations is decided in accordance with both the patient’s expectations and the specialist’s opinions. 

People who will or want to have leg aesthetics operation, they do research on many subjects about these surgical interventions. In this context, you can look into the headings below to get information on when leg aesthetics is performed, by whom, how the surgery and recovery process progresses, and so on.

What is Leg Aesthetics?

Leg aesthetics is a procedure done to improve the look on the leg and make it proportional with the body. This procedure can be done for many purposes. Because leg disorders can develop congenitally or later, and in this context, different procedures may be required on the legs. The most popular types of leg aesthetics in recent times are listed below. 

  • Litter leg aesthetics
  • Leg aesthetics with implants
  • Bandy legs aesthetics 
  • Thigh lift surgery
  • Knee aesthetics 
  • Leg thinning surgery 

As you can see the list above to improve the knee and leg looks and make it compatible with body there are many different procedures. For instance, thanks to the litter leg aesthetics procedure, people whose legs look too thin and unproportional can be thickened with different methods. With thigh lift surgery the sagging that occurs due to rapid weight gain and loss is eliminated. 

Which Department Deals with Leg Aesthetics? 

People who want to get leg aesthetics operation wonder which department does these operations. There a few things to know in this context. Firstly, in operations to be performed only for aesthetic appearance, people will need to go to the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. However, If the cause of the undesirable appearance in the legs is due to the skeletal and muscular system and this is a health problem rather than an aesthetic problem, it would be good to see an orthopedic specialist in this context. 

Specialist plastic surgeons deal with leg sagging due to weight loss, too thin or too thick leg problems, bandy legs, X or O leg problems. At this point specialists when there is a situation related to the bone system, they can work with orthopedic doctors and support the most professional solution of the problem. 

What is Leg Aesthetics Surgery?

Today, leg aesthetics is amongst the frequently preferred aesthetic operations. Many people wonders what these operations exactly are. Leg aesthetics surgery is an operation lasts for 1 to 3 hours depending on the procedure. The aesthetics operations which are done to remove the congenital or later deformities that can be seen, though it is usually done for aesthetic purposes only, it makes great contributions to daily life. For instance, people who have problem with leg skin sagging due to weight loss can both have the life they wanted and also lead a comfortable life getting rid of excessive skin on their legs. 

There are many types of leg aesthetic surgeries. Because, the same leg problem may not be seen in every individual who wants to undergo this operation. While some people may have too thin legs, others may have too thick. In addition, the problem in the legs can be bandiness instead of thinness or thickness. Therefore, there are many answers to give the “what is leg aesthetics surgery?” question.

How to Perform the Leg Aesthetic Surgery?

People who want to undergo leg aesthetic operation want to learn the surgery process closely and do research in this direction. At this point it should be known that there are more than one leg aesthetics surgeries as we mentioned earlier. Therefore, the surgery steps may not be the same. However, in general, these are the things that should be known about the leg aesthetics surgery: 

  1. Leg aesthetic surgeries are usually completed about 1 to 3 hours.
  2. Local anesthesia is usually preferred in the operations, however general anesthesia can be preferred according to patient’s condition. 
  3. Incisions should be kept minimized throughout the surgical intervention. 
  4. The doctor and the patient should talk about the procedure’s details before the surgery.
  5. Patients should be informed about the post-operation process after the surgery.

The points given above are valid for all the leg aesthetics operations. However, the steps that are followed throughout the surgery can change due to variation of the type of operation.

Leg Aesthetic Surgery with Aesthetic Surgery

Removal of unwanted look in legs is the aesthetic surgery field’s job. In this context all the leg aesthetic operations are performed by aesthetic specialists. As we mentioned before all the procedures done in order to improve physical appearance are named as aesthetic and done for aesthetic purpose instead of removal of the health issues. 

Leg aesthetics; includes operations that are performed for the purpose of elimination of knee curvatures that appear in the form of X or O letters, skin and fat sagging in the legs after weight loss, thickening of the legs with implants or the patient's own fat, making very thick legs proportional to the rest of the body and such physical appearance. People who have problems with those and such need to meet with experts operating in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in order to have leg aesthetics. 

What are the Advantages of the Leg Aesthetic Surgery? 

The advantages of undergoing leg aesthetic surgery are pretty much. The unwanted look on the legs directly affects negatively one’s confidence. And also people with bandy, thin, thick legs may not dress up the way they want. Elimination of such problems comes with many advantageous situations such as providing a leg appearance proportional to the body and reducing the sense of shyness of people, leg aesthetics. 

There are also health advantages of undergoing leg aesthetic surgery. For instance; the movements of a person whose skin and fat is sagging due to 20 or more kilos loss are restricted. However, in this context, thanks to the thigh lifting surgery to be performed, people will be able to move comfortably and will have a good aesthetic appearance. 

Post-Leg Aesthetic Surgery Process 

People who will have leg aesthetics should definitely talk to their doctor about the post-operative process. Because the operation area in question will be the legs, it may be difficult to move for a while. Some points to be considered during the post-leg aesthetic process are; 

  • Having the possibility of keeping the patient under observation after the leg aesthetic operation. 
  • Patients definitely should rest in bed for a week. 
  • Simple walking exercises can be done after a week. 
  • It is absolutely necessary to go to the hospital for control on the dates specified by the doctor. 
  • After the surgery medications and dressings the doctor recommended should be used. 
  • It is extremely important to keep the surgery area to keep sterilized. 

People who completed their post-operation process being careful with these steps can return to their daily lives in a much shorter time. Being in connection with your doctor frequently will also be a good choice. 



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