"> Best Testicular Biopsy Doctors in Turkey

Best Testicular Biopsy Doctors in Turkey

Many methods are used today to detect and treat reproductive organ disorders in men. One of the methods used in this context is testicular biopsy. Testicular biopsy is mainly the removal of small tissues from the testicular organs of men. The tissues taken can be examined and the suspicion of disease can be confirmed. 

The removal of sample tissue from the testicle is one of the applications that worries many men. However, it should be known at this point that there is little chance of any complications in the testicular biopsy performed by specialist doctors. The tissues taken in the testicular biopsy process are quite small.  Usually, the total tissue taken is about 3 pinheads. This sample does not damage the testicles. After the biopsy sample is taken, both tissue and values can be checked.  

What is Testicular Biopsy?

Testicular biopsy, as its name suggests, is the case of taking some kind of tissue sample. Testicular biopsy can be performed to determine if there are any problems in formations such as testicles and sperm in male individuals. In addition, the condition of the sperm can be controlled by semen test. In some cases, sperm cannot be detected in men. At this point, testicular biopsy, also known as testicular biopsy, can be performed. In this way, tissue is removed from the testicle organ and necessary checks are made.

Local anesthesia is given to male patients in order to perform testicular biopsy. In this operation, which is completed in a short time, both infertility and azospermia can be checked. The samples taken as a result of the operation to take tissue samples from the testicle are examined pathologically. As a result of the examination, both the problems are determined and the treatment method to be applied can be decided. 

What Area Is Looking at Testicular Biopsy?

Those who will have a testicular biopsy wonder which doctors perform these biopsy procedures. At this point, it should be known that the testicular biopsy, which is the examination of the male reproductive system, is performed by urologists. However, not every person who has a reproductive system problem has to have a testicular biopsy. If sperm does not appear in the semen, the person cannot be a father and such problems are present, a number of different procedures can be performed before the biopsy. If the problem is not detected, a biopsy is performed to clarify the diagnosis. 

Considering all these considerations, it can be understood that it is wrong to make an appointment with the urology department only for a testicular biopsy. Because biopsy is not performed on everyone who has problems with testicular and sperm structures. You should make an appointment with the urology department to detect these problems you are experiencing. Afterwards, your doctor will listen to your resume and ensure that the necessary examinations are performed. After these steps, testicular biopsy can be performed in accordance with the doctor's opinion. 

What is Testicular Biopsy Surgery?

People who are looking for answers to the question of what is a testicular biopsy are also curious about the operation performed in this context. Biopsy can be performed in order to take a tissue sample from the testicle and to carry out the necessary examinations in men. This specified testicular biopsy is performed with a small surgical intervention. Today, 2 different methods can be used to take tissue samples from the testicle. These are the ones that are going to 

  • Open operation technique 
  • Needle biopsy 

The above-mentioned biopsy methods are quite different from each other. In the testicular biopsy performed by open operation method, a testicular tissue sample can be taken with a small incision. At this point, both the incision and the tissue taken are quite minimal. Therefore, tissue samples can be taken for examination without any harm to the patient's sexual health. 

When the needle biopsy method examines the sample tissue removal process from the testicle, it can be seen that the tissues taken by needle are not enough with a single needle stroke. Therefore, several needle strokes can be performed during the procedure. However, in the case of multiple needle use, the patient may be both damaged and lead to traumatic progression of treatment. Therefore, the most used method today is open operation technique. 

How to Perform Testicular Biopsy Surgery?

People who will undergo a testicular biopsy operation are thinking about how to perform a testicular biopsy and want to get more detailed information about this operation. Testicular biopsy operation can be performed by 2 different methods as we mentioned earlier. Since these methods are quite different from each other, the construction stages also vary. However, some common details about the operation include;

  • In order to perform a testicular biopsy, local anesthesia is usually performed. 
  • Epidural anesthesia,  which provides drugging from the waist down, can also be performed depending on the doctor's opinion.
  • The operation is completed in approximately 30 minutes.
  • The sum of the tissues taken for biopsy is too small to exceed 3 pinheads.  
  • Tissues taken immediately after surgery are sent to pathology. 

Testicular Biopsy Surgery with Microsurgery 

Testicular biopsy surgery is performed on the testicle, which is one of the most sensitive organs of men. Therefore, during surgery, doctors perform very careful and small procedures. In this context, microsurgery methods can be used during the operation. Thanks to this method used, tissue intake is ensured without damage and without high pain after the operation. In addition to the microsurgery method, it is also possible for doctors to use different methods and technologies. The method to be selected and applied is decided between the patient and the doctor. The first priority when choosing is to ensure that the patient exits the operation as soon as possible and that the tissues are removed harmlessly.

What are the Advantages of Testicular Biopsy Surgery?

Performing a testicular biopsy helps doctors diagnose and allows patients to start early treatment. Testicular biopsy provides information about why men who do not have sperm in semen fluid in particular have this problem. Therefore, this type of sample tissue removal operation is performed on men with suspected infertility. As a result of the biopsy, it is possible to examine both sperm and testicular tissue. Thanks to all this, it will pave the way for easier treatment of men. 

Looking at the above information, it is seen how important the testicular biopsy process is in order to carry out the necessary checks on the testicular organ. In this context, it can be easily perceived that testicular biopsy, which provides both short-lasting and desired tests, is very advantageous. 

Process After Testicular Biopsy Surgery

The post-testicular biopsy process is among the issues that men who will undergo this operation are interested in. Both recovery and the process related to applications after testicular biopsy are indicated in the list below. 

  • Since testicular biopsy operation is mostly performed with local anesthesia, patients come to themselves in a short time. 
  • The patient can be discharged after several hours of supervision. 
  • The tissues taken from the patient are examined in the pathology department and the patient is called back so that the checks can be performed on the date specified by the doctor. 
  • It is possible to see a slight pain in the testicle area for the first 3 days. However, this pain will go away in a short time.
  • For the first few days, the patient may be asked to rest inpatiently. 
  • The patient can take a shower at the end of 3 days in consultation with his doctor. 
  • If dressing is necessary, it is important not to do it unconsciously and leave the work to the nurses. 
  • In unexpected cases such as high fever, tremors, unbearable pain in the testicles, it will be necessary to consult the doctor directly. 

These issues may vary depending on the type of surgery, the condition of the patient and the opinion of the doctor. Therefore, patients who will have a testicular biopsy should get information by meeting with their doctor in person and should get through the postoperative process by acting accordingly.



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