"> Best Surgery for Snoring Apnea Doctors in Turkey

Best Surgery for Snoring Apnea Doctors in Turkey

Surgery for Snoring Apnea

Changes in a sedentary lifestyle and diet lead to the spread of sleep apnea and snoring in society. Disruption of sleep patterns is also efficient in experiencing other diseases. Accordingly, sleep apnea and snoring should be treated not only for poor quality of life, but also for health. Nowadays, surgeries for snoring apnea are successfully completed and are often in demand by patients.

The main causes of ap snoring also include obesity or overweight, age deceleration, alcohol & cigarette consumption, medications used, and genetic factors. The upper respiratory tract may narrow with the weight gained, and in addition to this condition, breathing more than should normally be taken can cause sleep apnea with snoring. 

What is Snoring Apnea?

Sleep apnea means that breathing activities stop while you are asleep. Patients may experience more than one sleep apnea during the night, and if left untreated, heart diseases may occur in the future processes. Because of the fact that tissues in the larynx area are soft, in some cases they can become loose or with large tonsils, sleep apnea may occur. Depending on the patient, the answer to the question of what causes the sleep apnea varies.

In sleep apnea, breathing can stop for 10 seconds or more without interruption. At this time, the brain opens the airway, albeit with difficulty, giving the necessary messages to maintain breathing. If the brain does not send a message, central sleep apnea occurs. Central sleep apnea is a very rare type of apnea. The patient may not be aware of this condition if he is in a dream. Snoring loudly or waking up tired, even if you sleep for a long time, is one of the symptoms of sleep apnea. 

Which Department Deals With the Apnea Snoring?

Since apnea is related to snoring and breathing, it is treated in otolaryngology (ENT) clinics in hospitals. Firstly, the doctor listens to the patient's history and then conducts a detailed physical examination. An ENT doctor may recommend surgery depending on the patient's condition to treat sleep apnea. 

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