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Best Pterjium Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Pterjium Surgery

Pterjium, which is expressed as meat walking in the public eye, is among the eye problems that must be intervened. This condition, which is eye meat, begins to stand out at first with its slightly veined structure. This piece of meat, which occurs in the future without medical intervention, clings to the corneal structure and causes the cornea to recess.

This health problem, which can be treated with pterjium surgery, must be done by specialist doctors in the field. Because this condition, which is one of the eye conditions, can cause people to experience permanent blindness due to incorrect intervention or late intervention.

Patients need to know how this disease, defined as eye meat at this point, has symptoms and why it can be caused. It is possible to easily eliminate this eye disease mentioned by following the symptoms and diagnosing them early.

What is Pterjium?

As mentioned before, this problem, which is expressed as the walking of meat in the eye among the people, is defined as the formation of the meat part in the eye, that is, pterjium. The main symptoms that should be followed in this disease, which occurs with certain symptoms, are listed in the following articles.

·      Having a tissue appearing in the inner part of the eye

·      Due to this tissue, the appearance of feelings such as stinging and itching in the eye

·      Difficulty looking at artificial or natural light

·      Redness occurs in the inner part of the eye after bathing

·      Continuous change of glasses number in patients using glasses

If these symptoms are ignored and the disease progresses, pterjium surgery should be performed according to the common opinion of many experts. It is advisable to visit the relevant departments of hospitals for information.

Which Area Does Pterjium Look?

Many question patterns, such as which area of pterjium looks or which parts of hospitals should be visited for this disease, are one of the contents that are primarily curious by people who experience this disease. For this health problem, which is among the eye diseases, you need to go to the eye health and diseases department of the hospitals.

The patient should be able to identify the problems he/she has experienced and the observed symptoms of the disease before seeing the doctor. During the examination, the diagnosis of the eye meat that you answered correctly to the questions posed by your doctor about this subject can be made much more quickly.

Thanks to the appointment you will receive via Hallo 182 or through the MHRS system, you can both go to the hospital on the most appropriate date and be examined by your preferred doctor. Going to the hospital with the appointment system will be quite practical for patients and also for doctors.

What is Pterjium Surgery?

The surgical methods and other operation process applied in this area in relation to eye meat, i.e. pterjium, are also investigated through various sources with the question of what is pterjium surgery. This eye problem, which is also expressed as meat walking in the eye among the public, can cause permanent blindness unless it is intervened by physicians.

Thanks to early diagnosis, it is possible to destroy the eye meat with drug treatment or easier medical procedures. However, surgical intervention is necessarily essential for the eye meat that descends to the corneal layer and causes this layer to be pulled.

This surgery, which is performed with graft application and pterjium excision, stands out as a permanent treatment in the eye meat. In addition to offering permanent treatment, this surgery performed by a specialist doctor has a very high success rate. This success rate in patients is between 80-100%. You can follow this process closely by talking to your doctor about the operation.

How to Perform Pterjium Surgery?

The treatment is carried out thanks to this surgery, which is mentioned when the fibroblastic tissue, that is, the piece of meat, affects the patient's vision quality and also begins to threaten the health condition. Pterjium surgery is one of the operations that is curious about how it occurs and what steps it has. You can learn how to perform this surgery by examining the following articles.

·      First of all, it is ensured that the eye is numb with drip anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain.

·      Then the piece of meat that covers the cornea in the eye is cleaned with an average intervention of 30 minutes.

·      In order not to recur the discomfort, the  tissue part called autogreft is taken in the lower area of the intact eye and  transplantation is completed using grafting technique.

·      This tissue to be used is applied to the eye by self-melting sewing method or tissue adhesives in a seamless way.

With the application of this method listed, it is possible to treat the disease almost permanently. At the same time, it is a practical operation to make the patients comfortable.

Pterjium Surgery with Microsurgery

Although pterjium surgery with microsurgery is a researched content, this successful method is not one of the treatment options preferred within the scope of this disease. Instead, the seamless autogreft and tissue bonding method used helps to achieve successful results and heal the patient.

This treatment option, called microsurgery, is mostly performed under a microscope and where mm incisions are opened. However, looking at the steps described above, you can easily see that no similar application has been made.

You can discuss all the details you are curious about seamless autogreft and tissue bonding techniques with your doctor and find out what kind of procedure it is. Thanks to this method, which has a very high success rate, this disorder, which is defined as eye meat, can be easily treated.

Advantages of Pterjium Surgery

This surgery, which is the process of removing the eye flesh, also stands out as a title usually investigated by patients about the advantages of pterjium surgery. This operation, which is applied in order to improve the quality of vision and prevent permanent blindness, provides advantages in more than one area.

Some of the main advantages you are curious about in relation to pterjium surgery are listed in the following articles.

·      Thanks to the operation to be performed, the progression of the eye meat to the cornea and pupil can be stopped.

·      Otogreft technique is applied to minimize the possibility of re-emergence of the disease.

·      The healing process is much faster than other methods and can be controlled.

·      Thanks to the procedure, not only the disease is treated, but also the quality of vision is improved.

Within the framework of these advantages listed, you can see that this surgery, which uses autogreft technique and tissue bonding method, is quite successful. You can find all the other details you are curious about the operation by examining various sources.

After Pterjium Surgery

This method, which is a attention-intensive operation, is also discussed under the heading after pterjium surgery and is examined within the framework of many aspects. In particular, there are certain points that patients should pay attention to in cases such as the fact that the disease does not occur again and the healing process accelerates. Some of these issues are described below, respectively.

·      It is recommended that patients use artificial tears in order to prevent dry eye.

·      The use of artificial tears for up to 6 months is also supported by physicians.

·      Patients should not stay in dusty environments for long periods of time. In case of necessity, the use of protective glasses is essential.

·      After the completion of the operation, the glasses replacement process should be done after 1 month.

·      Sunglasses should be preferred in order to protect the eyes from the sun's rays.

By complying with these processes and recommendations, you can see the effects of the operation applied for treatment in a short time. When an unexpected abnormality occurs and complications develop, you should also make sure to consult your doctor.



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