"> Best Prominent Ear Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Prominent Ear Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent ear deformity is known as protruding ears, being more perpendicular than normal and visible when viewed from the opposite side. This condition, which is seen at a rate of 5% in the society, can occur in one ear or in both ears.

Prominent ear deformity does not cause any health problems, but it can put the person in psychological difficulties. It can also cause a lack of self-confidence. Today, prominent ear deformity can be corrected with prominent ear surgery.

The formation of prominent ear deformity can be explained by two conditions. The first is that the fold in the auricle is not fully formed. The second is the overdevelopment of the conchal cartilage, which forms the cavum turbinate section in the inner part of the auricle. These conditions can develop alone or together and cause prominent ear appearance.

In order for prominent ear surgery to be performed successfully, a detailed examination and evaluation should be made before the operation. After the examination, people who are suitable for surgery are taken into surgery and interventions are made. The surgery is performed by plastic and aesthetic surgeons in a hospital environment. It is known that this surgery does not carry serious risks and can be performed easily.

What is Prominent Ear?

Prominent ear, which we also call sailing ear, is a common problem in Turkey and all over the world. Basically, this situation does not have a positive or negative effect on the functioning of the body. However, people experience some aesthetic concerns and are psychologically affected negatively. For this reason, many people who have prominent ear problems want to get rid of this situation as prominent ear surgery.

Today, with the development of technology and the advancement of medicine, prominent ear surgeries can be easily performed. At the end of this surgery, which is performed by plastic surgeons in a sterile hospital environment, people can have curved and symmetrical ear structures.

Prominent ear deformity can occur for many reasons. This condition, which is a completely congenital problem, occurs due to genetic factors. For this reason, the probability of this situation is very high in people with prominent ear problems in family members.

The wide angle between the posterior ear bone and the auricle, loose ear cartilage and the inability to form the folds in the upper part of the ear may cause auricle deformity. Today, this problem can be eliminated with simple surgical methods.

What Area Does the Prominent Ear Look For?

People who want to get rid of this problem as prominent ear surgery wonder which part of the hospital they should go to. People with prominent ear deformities should make an appointment to go to the plastic surgery department of hospitals and be examined.

If you want to make an appointment with the plastic surgery department of the nearest hospital, you can use the MHRS system or call the ALO 182 appointment line. By choosing any of these methods, you can make an appointment and go to the hospital on the specified date to be examined.

As a result of these examinations carried out by the specialist physician, if it is decided to have an operation, some tests and controls will be performed on you. These tests and checks show whether you are suitable for surgery. When it is determined that you are suitable for surgery, your surgery will be performed on the specified date.

The surgery is performed by plastic surgeons in a hospital setting. Since it does not contain serious risks, the surgery can be performed simply. After the operation, the ear structure will have a normal appearance and all the problems of the patient will be resolved.

Preparation Before Prominent Ear Surgery

Before prominent ear surgery, patients need to make some preparations. These preparations are listed below.

  • You must answer the questions asked by your doctor correctly. This is important for the course of the surgery.
  • Before the operation, you should direct your questions to your doctor and get answers.
  • Aspirin and similar drugs should be discontinued at least 1 week before the operation.
  • Products such as cigarettes and alcohol should be stopped at least 2 weeks before the surgery. This is due to the damage to the amount of oxygen in the blood.
  • One day before the operation, the patient needs to rest enough.
  • You should arrive at the surgery at the specified time.

In addition to all these recommendations, you should also follow the recommendations given by your doctor and fulfill what is asked of you during the preparation phase. If you pay attention to these conditions, the success rate of your surgery will increase significantly.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

Prominent Ear Surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. Before starting the operation, the patient is anesthetized and it is ensured that he does not feel any pain. Then the procedure is started and a very small incision is made from the back of the ear. Afterwards, the cartilage is reached and corrections are made by creating the necessary angle.

After the ear structure is fixed in the correct position, the incision is closed. Aesthetic sutures are used when closing the incision. These stitches dissolve on their own and disappear. The patient does not have scars at the end of this surgery. This turns out to be a great advantage.

All these processes take 1 hour. After the surgery is completed, the patient is taken to his room and rested. The patient, who rests in the hospital for one day, is discharged and sent home. This period may also increase or decrease according to the patient's condition.

What are the Risks of Prominent Ear Surgery?

Prominent Ear Surgery, which we know as otoplasty, is generally included in the low-risk surgery group. However, as in any surgery, some risks may occur in this surgery. These risks are listed below.

  • Blood collection at the surgical site
  • Occurrence of infection
  • Asymmetry in the ears
  • Reoccurrence of prominent ear appearance over time

All these risks can occur, albeit rarely. If the prominent ear appearance reoccurs after a while, the surgical method can be applied once again. Problems such as infection and blood collection can be eliminated with medication or minor interventions.

In order to minimize the possibility of all these risks, the hospital environment must be sterile and the surgeon must be experienced. If the hospital environment is not sterile and the surgeon does not have enough experience, the probability of these risks will increase.

What are the Advantages of Prominent Ear Surgery?

Prominent Ear Surgery provides many advantages to the patient. These advantages can be listed as follows:

  • The likelihood of complications is very low.
  • All transactions are completed in as little as 1 hour.
  • Hospital stay is short.
  • Return to daily life is quite fast.
  • It drastically changes one's appearance.
  • The self-confidence of the person increases.
  • The auricle is brought to the desired position.
  • The social life of the person is affected positively.
  • The person feels happier.

Thanks to all these advantages, people who have prominent ear problems get rid of these problems by surgery. Since the patient will be anesthetized during the surgery, no pain or pain is felt. This is one of the advantages of the patient during the operation.

Post Prominent Ear Surgery Process

After prominent ear surgery, the patient is discharged after resting in the hospital for 1 night. Discharged patients can take a shower 1-2 days later. After 1 week at the latest, routines can be carried out by returning to daily life. It will take approximately 1-2 weeks for the patient to fully recover.

There is no need to remove the stitches as the patient will be sutured during the surgery. The stitches will dissolve and disappear on their own. However, the patient may need to go to a doctor's control at certain intervals. These intervals will be determined by the doctor and communicated to the patient.

After the surgery, the doctor may give the patient medications to use. These drugs should be used regularly. In addition, the recommendations of the doctor should be followed and the warnings should be taken into account. Patients who do not pay attention to these conditions after surgery may face various health problems. The healing process may take longer.



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