"> Best Nerve Compression Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Nerve Compression Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Nerve Compression Surgery

The expression nerve compression is used to describe the compression of a nerve fiber as a result of pressure. The arms, legs or trunk may be affected by this condition. It is observed that in case of nerve compression, symptoms such as drowsiness, pain and weakness occur.

If the patient does not respond to medications or physical therapy nerve compression surgery is carried out. During the regional relaxing operations performed, the affected nerve and point are detected. By removing only a part of the connective tissue and soft tissue in these detected areas, the nerve can be subjected to less pressure.

Nerve compression surgery is called anterior transposition. Thanks to the developing technology, these surgeries are performed successfully and the patient can return to his/her daily life in a short time as he/she has recovered. But for doctors, surgery is considered a last resort.

Specialist doctors perform drug therapy and physical therapy practices before operating on their patients. If patients do not respond to these treatments and do not recover, surgery is performed as a last resort. Surgery is the most effective and surest way to eliminate this ailment.

What is Nerve Compression?

A nerve compression is a condition in which a nerve is under pressure due to tissues such as bones, november, cartilage, and tendons located around it. As a result of these pressures, nerve tissue is negatively affected and problems such as numbness and pain occur. Carpal tunnel syndrome and meralgia paresthetica are among the most common nerve decongestant syndromes.

There can be many symptoms of nerve compression. These symptoms include:

       Pain in the form of burning that occurs in the neck, shoulders and arms

       Tingling that occurs in the wrist and fingers.

       The more the head is moved, the more the pain will worsen.

       Weakness that occurs in the arm and shoulder area.

       Loss of sensation that occurs in the area of the hands, shoulders and arms.

These are the symptoms of nerve compression.  The causes of this condition include diabetes, thyroid function disorders, pregnancy or menopause, obesity, nervous and autoimmune diseases.

If the pinching of the nerve can not be cured using other methods nerve compression surgery is carried out. This operation is performed in a simple way thanks to today's technology and allows the patient to regain their health.

Which Department Deals with Nerve Compression?

Before nerve compression surgery, patients need to be examined and diagnosed. Patients who have been diagnosed are asked to be treated with medications or physical therapy practices. However, nerve compression can be eliminated by taking unresponsive patients to surgery.

Patients who experience nerve compression, on the other hand, wonder which departments of hospitals they should go to for this ailment. If you have symptoms of nerve compression or are in doubt, you will need to go to the Neurology department of hospitals. Doctors who are experts in the field of brain and nerve will examine you and start treatment.

In order to make an appointment with the Neurology department of hospitals, you must use the MHRS system. By logging in to this system, you can make an appointment with the Neurology department of the hospital closest to you. It is also possible to make an appointment with the Neurology department by calling the 182 line.

After examining you, the specialist doctor will determine the most correct treatment method and share it with you. If a decision is made for you to have surgery, you can have your surgery by going to the specified date and you can get your health back in a short time.

What is Nerve Compression Surgery?

Nerve compression surgery is a method by which the ailment is treated surgically. Some cases of nerve compression progress and become aggravated, becoming difficult. In such cases, surgery is performed to relieve nerve compression and restore the patient's health.

Treatment methods other than surgery may not be accurate and effective. If other methods applied on the patient do not work and there is no improvement in the patient, surgery is resorted to. The main purpose of the operation is to reduce the pressure that exists around the nerve and eliminate complaints.

Nerve compression surgery can take from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on the patient's condition and the difficulty of the operation. Since nerves are sensitive structures, specialist and experienced physicians should perform this surgery. As with any operation, there is a possibility of complications in this operation. However, thanks to the developing technology and special equipment, the operation can be safely terminated.

How is Nerve Compression Surgery Performed?

During the nerve compression surgery, the patient is primarily given local anesthesia. Then, a very small incision is made to reduce the pressure. After the procedure is completed, the zone is closed and wrapped. If the operation is performed in the wrist area, the operation will take about 15 minutes.

During these operations, special tools and equipment are used. Thanks to these special tools, it is not possible to go outside the area that needs to be intervened and the probability of complications can be reduced.

Nerve compression surgery does not adversely affect the patient's life. After this operation, the patients will get rid of all the complaints they have experienced and the symptoms will disappear completely. After the operation, the patient can return to his daily life in a short time.

Nerve Compression Surgery with Micro Surgery

Nerve compression surgery, according to some situations, can be performed more difficult than usual. If the patient is late for the examination and, naturally, his disease has progressed, this operation will be more difficult. This condition can also reduce the success rate of surgery.

Early diagnosis and treatment are very important in this area. Therefore, if you have one or more of the symptoms of nerve compression, you will need to see a Neurologist in no time. Otherwise, if your disease progresses, it is possible for you to face some problems.

It is up to the doctor's discretion and decision to treat nerve compression by surgery. If the doctor wishes, he may first want to treat you using different methods. But surgery is considered the most effective and surest way for both patients and doctors.

What are the Advantages of Nerve Compression Surgery with Microsurgery?

When performed using modern techniques, nerve compression surgery will provide many advantages to the patient and the team performing the operation. These advantages are indicated below.

       The operation can usually be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

       The patient does not feel pain and soreness, as he will be under the influence of anesthesia.

       Thanks to modern techniques, the probability of complications is low.

       The patient will recover within a short time after the operation and return to his daily life.

       The weakness that occurs in the muscles will disappear.

       The patient will now be able to move more easily.

       The numbness that occurs in the hand will stop.

       The pains experienced will be eliminated.

       The swellings that have occurred will stop.

       The power losses experienced will end and the patient will feel more vigorous.

       All the troubles experienced by the patient will end and the quality of life will increase significantly.

Being a nerve compression surgery will provide all these advantages to the patients. If you are also in doubt that you are experiencing nerve compression, you should see a Neurologist in no time and get treatment if necessary.

The Process After Nerve Compression Surgery with Microsurgery

After nerve compression surgery, the areas around the incision will continue to ache for several weeks. The feeling of numbness, on the other hand, will disappear with each passing day and will completely recover. In some severe cases, these sensations can completely pass after a very long time.

After surgery, your doctor will give you a number of medications and ask you to use these medications regularly. As it is said, you should use the drugs regularly and go to your checkups without interruption. Otherwise, your recovery will become more difficult.

After nerve compression surgery, your doctor will give you the necessary information and make suggestions. You should carefully follow these recommendations and be cautious about what you need to pay attention to. Patients usually recover within a few weeks and get rid of the negative effects of surgery.



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