"> Best Inguinal Hernia Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Inguinal Hernia Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Inguinal Hernia ‎is a disease that is shown itself with swollen and aches in ‎the inguinal. Treatment of this disease that is common among men ‎is necessary. If intestines are affected negatively because of getting ‎stuck as the result of an inguinal hernia, inguinal hernia surgery is ‎necessary. Because medical treatment isn’t enough in this case. If there ‎isn’t any problem for the body, surgery doesn’t need to be necessary. ‎However, you should check the Inguinal Hernia and follow up if it ‎progresses or not.‎

Inguinal Hernia ‎is common among the people who work by standing up ‎for a long time. There are a lot of people suffering from this. This causes ‎to operate on inguinal hernia ‎surgery a lot. Your aches in your Inguinal ‎‎finish and you won’t have got any problem after eating. However, if you ‎cause to progress your hernia by not paying attention, your aches will ‎increase and your situation will get worse. In that case, your hernia can ‎go down until scrota, get stuck in or choke. All of these situations will ‎cause an extreme ache. Being operated on Inguinal Hernia Surgery is a ‎good choice for you not to have this ache. ‎

What is Inguinal Hernia?‎

Inguinal Hernia comes out as the result of the organs in the abdomen ‎‎cause swollen under the skin from the weak parts in the abdomen. It ‎can be seen in both the women and men.  Making swollen the scrota ‎causes ‎ Inguinal Hernia. So, big problems occur in the men. Except for this, ‎there are three types of Inguinal Hernia: direct, indirect, and femoral. ‎They have different appearances. Femoral is rarer than others, indirect ‎is a hernia type that can be seen in all ages and go down until scrota. ‎Direct Inguinal hernia type is seen in middle and old ages. All of these ‎types require surgery. You can get rid of the surgery and gain your ‎health again.‎

Inguinal Hernia Surgery can be performed in different methods. The ‎organs in the hernia are closed by being pushed in abdominal in open ‎hernia surgery which is known as one of the eldest methods. So ‎stopping ache and gaining your health is enabled.‎

Which department is interested in Inguinal Hernia Surgery?‎

Inguinal Hernia should be diagnosed for this surgery first. So you ‎should go to the orthopedist and have an MR. then your doctor should ‎check your results. If your result says that you have an inguinal hernia, ‎your doctor will advise you to be operated on.‎

When you want to be operated on Inguinal Hernia Surgery, you should ‎wait by getting an appointment from your doctor. Your doctor will give ‎information that is necessary and will say which method is suitable for ‎you. so you can learn things that you should be careful about before and after ‎the surgery clearly. So, the surgery and the process after the surgery will ‎be comfortable for you.‎

What is Inguinal Hernia Surgery?‎

Your problem is solved by being placed in the old location of the organs that ‎prolapse from the intraabdominal. You can understand if you should be ‎operated on Inguinal Hernia Surgery‎ or not by going to the doctor and ‎examining. You should have some stigmas for going to the doctor. The ‎common stigma is swollen in the scrota and Inguinal. These swollen ‎causes increase the ache. This ache causes cramps after meals. ‎Because the intestines can come in the openness that occurs because of ‎the hernia. Some stigmas such as temperature, vomiting, wind, and not ‎being able to defecate can become. If you come across these ‎situations you should go to the doctor and get ready for the Inguinal ‎Hernia Surgery.‎

How is Inguinal Hernia Surgery operated on?‎

Inguinal Hernia Surgery is performed in two types, open and close surgery. ‎Cutting is done on the inguinal in open surgery. Then the openness that ‎causes the hernia is closed by being pushed the organs in the hernia via ‎this cutting. However, close hernia surgery is preferred mostly recently.‎

The laparoscopic method is used in closed hernia surgery. You are treated ‎via camera without entering the emptiness intraabdominal. The ‎hernia openness is closed by being used the graft according to the ‎feature and situation of the hernia. The inguinal hernia surgery ‎takes ‎‎15 minutes via this method which is pretty easy. Even if this method ‎takes a brief time, it isn’t preferred in some cases.‎

If there is a very big hernia, your hernia gets stuck in or chokes, you had ‎a prostate surgery before, or general anesthesia is harmful for you, ‎close hernia surgery shouldn’t be preferred. Instead of this, open hernia ‎surgery should be chosen.‎

What are the benefits of Inguinal Hernia Surgery?‎

Inguinal Hernia Surgery ‎helps to remove the swelling in the scrota and ‎get rid of inguinal aches. Surgeries can be completed in a short time ‎since they are pretty easy thanks to the developed technology. Your ‎surgery takes a short time especially in close Inguinal Hernia Surgery ‎because it finishes in 15 minutes. You have less ache than open ‎surgery and you will heal in 2 or 3 weeks. Also, if there is a two-sided ‎hernia, it will be easy because there is the possibility to operate on both sides.‎

You can turn your daily life in a short time after Inguinal Hernia Surgery. ‎Your surgery scar isn’t obvious and you heal in a short time. Lastly, if ‎you should be operated on in another surgery, you can be operated on ‎in both surgeries.‎

‎ The process after the Inguinal Hernia Surgery

‎ The process after the Inguinal Hernia Surgery is a very important period ‎for healing exactly and gaining the health you can start eating 5-6 hours ‎after the surgery, however, you should be careful what you eat. Because ‎your surgery area gets difficulty in the situations such as constipation ‎and gaining weight. So, you should be careful not to be constipated ‎and gain weight‎ for not experiencing this.‎

You should be careful about not carrying heavy things. You should be ‎attentive not to do hard exercises which are related to carrying heavy ‎things, especially for 6 weeks. So you don’t come across any problems by ‎controlling your healing process. If you smoke, you should try to stop ‎smoking for your health.‎

You should pay attention to not going into the pool. You shouldn’t start to ‎work not until you feel good. And you shouldn’t drive a car for 2 weeks. ‎You can heal in a short time and prevent coming across a problem by ‎paying attention to all of these.‎



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