"> Best Hypospadias Repair Doctors in Turkey

Best Hypospadias Repair Doctors in Turkey

Hypospadias repair is considered as a medical intervention applied in young children. Hypospadias, which is an innate health problem, is expressed in the fact that the urethral opening is not where it should be, but further down. This problem, which occurs in boys, is explained by the fact that it occurs in 1 baby every 2502 births.

When you search this health problem in question and even look at the sample images shared on the topic, you can easily see that the portion that is urinated is at the bottom, not at the tip of the penis. The absence of any urinary canal between the hole part and the tip of the penis is one of the main reasons why this health problem occurs.

Hypospadias is expressed by different names according to the fact that the urinary hole, which should be at the tip of the penis, is located in different places. If you want to get to these and similar details, you can check out the subheadings below.

What is Hypospadias?

This health problem, which was clearly outlined above, the question of what is hypospadias is also investigated in detail. As explained above, this name, given to the fact that the urinary hole that should be at the tip of the penis is located at the bottom, has been named differently depending on the location of the hole. 

For example, a urinary hole located near the tip of the penis is called a glandular hypospadias. In addition, the urinary hole seen between the dec part of the penis and the middle part is also called coronal hypospadias. 

The two conditions described in this way are commonly called distal hypospadias and are expressed as the most common congenital problem in boys. This health problem that has been experienced can be treated by doctors who are specialists in their field thanks to hypodisas repair.. All you have to do is intervene at an early stage.

Which Department Deals with the Hypospadias?

The question of which department deals with the hypospadias  is one of the contents that has been researched about treatment in relation with this mentioned health problem. This health problem, expressed in the form of the most common birth anomaly, occurs in boys. This health problem, which is expressed as the formation of a urinary hole in the lower parts which should be at the tip of the penis, can be treated both in state and private hospitals.

Visiting the urological departments of hospitals, explaining the situation to doctors specializing in the field here and providing the necessary tests will also help to successfully carry out the necessary treatments.

Before visiting the relevant department, it is very important to create the necessary request from the online appointment system or the 182 appointment line in order to receive a quick response. You can choose the doctor you want from the urology unit or you can successfully create your appointment request by choosing the dates that suit you.

What is Hypospadias Repair?

This health problem, which is known to be congenital in boys, can be solved by surgical intervention at an early stage. You can learn the techniques applied in this field and the treatment process  by examining the question of what is hypospadias repair through various sources.

The main purpose of this procedure is to bring the urinary hole to the tip of the penis. The most curious question about the process is whether the applied technique is stitched or patched technique. It will be possible to say that both methods are used depending on the surgeon who performed the operation and the general state of health of the children.

In addition to using both methods separately, creating a urinary canal with the option of suturing and making the tissue more solid using a patch also comes to the fore as another preferred option. At the same time, circumcision can also be performed directly during the procedure, depending on the difficulty of the operation and the age of the children. This is completely dependent on the opinion of the families.

How is Hypospadias Repair Performed?

The question of how to repair hypospadias comes to the fore as another curious subject about this surgical procedure, also known as prophetic circumcision. As mentioned earlier, the main goal of this operation is to return the urinary hole to its normal position. The method that will be preferred at this point may vary depending on the condition and shape of the hypospadias.

In this surgical intervention, which is convenient to be performed under general anesthesia, a new urinary canal is created by using the suture method. A piece of skin taken from the part called the foreskin is also patched with a piece of skin and the area is provided with a more solid structure. 

In proximal hypospadias, 2- or 3-digit surgeries are preferred, while in distal hypospadias, single-digit surgeries are sufficient. According to many doctors who are experts in their field, the first surgery can always be defined as the step where a good result is obtained. You can contact your doctor or review various sources to get detailed information about the process.

Hypospadias Repair by Microsurgery 

Hypospadias Repair by microsurgery is one of the titles which are being searched for among the treatment options for this disease. Although microsurgery is a useful and practical option, it is not among the preferred surgical intervention options dec the hypospadias repair process.

Instead of this method, there are some other treatment methods that are the subject of various studies. Some of these methods are listed in the articles below.

  • TIPU
  • Mathieu

Each of these listed methods is characterized as tried-and-tested treatment methods to treat this health problem. Currently, this condition, which is solved by surgical intervention, is not a health problem treated with microsurgery. 

If you want to get detailed information about treatment options and at the same time find out how the process works, you can talk to your doctor about it.

What Are the Advantages of  Hypospadias Repair With Microsurgery?

It was explained that the microsurgical method was not used as a solution in relation to this disease, which is seen at a young age and is described as a congenital problem. Based on other treatment options used instead, you can easily find out what advantages the treatment contains. 

When it comes to hypospadias repair, you can learn about the advantages of the treatment used here by using the title of advantages of hypospadias repair. Some of these advantages are described in the articles below.

  • Together with the treatment carried out at an early age, the surgical process is completed both practically and quickly.
  • The risk of having problems with having children in the advanced stages is minimized.
  • Thanks to this operation, which is performed using technological facilities, the probability of recurrence of the disease is minimized.

If you take into account these three advantages, as well as what needs to be considered at the end of the process, you will be able to see the effects of the applied method more quickly.

Although hypospadias repair is a critical operation,  thanks to surgeons who are experts in their field, and also according to the preferred surgical intervention, the success rate is also noted as quite high.

The Process After Hypospadias Repair by Microsurgery

It will be quite easy for you to review a lot of content on various resources related to this topic mentioned in the previous title. If you want to find out what you need to pay attention to in this treatment where the microsurgical method is not used, what you need to do is examine the title of  the process after hypospadias repair. 

Due to the fact that it is an operation performed on babies, all the situations that need to be paid attention to are shared with the family. What parents need to know about this process is described in the following articles.

  • Upon completion of the operation, a catheter is inserted into the tip of the penis and a special dressing is applied.
  • In order for the catheter not to cause any discomfort, babies are given certain medications.
  • Depending on the performed operation, babies are kept under supervision in the hospital for 1-3 days.
  • At the time of discharge, the catheter remains and the family is explained how they should be cared for.
  • In case of any problems that may develop, the contact numbers of the doctors are shared and other details are explained to the family.



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