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Best Endometrial Biopsy Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Endometrial Biopsy Surgery


A lot of different methods are used for determining and treating  ‎gynecological diseases. Endometrial Biopsy Surgery comes across as ‎one of them. Examining by being taken the tissue ‎from the intrauterine ‎wall ‎ is possible thanks to endometrial biopsy surgery. This surgery that ‎is completed in a short time enables to be gotten a lot of information ‎about intrauterine wall health.‎


Endometrial Biopsy ‎is searched by a lot of women. People who are ‎curious about why the surgery is operated on, what ‎is it, how is it ‎operated on, the process before the surgery, and after it can get ‎‎information about Endometrial Biopsy by reading the topics below.‎

What is Endometrial Biopsy?‎

Endometrial Biopsy ‎is given a name to the process of taking the tissue ‎‎from the intrauterine wall. Biopsy means taking the tissue from the body of ‎the patient for examination. Endometrial Biopsy expresses to being sent ‎the tissue that is taken ‎from intrauterine to the pathological ‎examination.‎


Endometrial Biopsy can give information to the doctor about a lot of ‎gynecological diseases. Endometrial Biopsy ‎is done when anomaly ‎thickness on the uterine wall is come across. Because getting thick of ‎the uterine wall occurs because of the increasing abnormality degree of ‎the ‎endocrine‎. This situation affects the woman's health directly.‎


Which department is interested in Endometrial Biopsy?‎


The people who will be operated on the Endometrial Biopsy are curious ‎about which department should they go to. Since Endometrial Biopsy is ‎performed on the uterine in the reproductive system, the department ‎that should be gone is gynecology and obstetrics. However, it should be ‎known that getting an appointment from the gynecology and obstetrics ‎clinic for Endometrial Biopsy is wrong. Because this taking tissue ‎operation isn’t necessary for each gynecological disease. If you get an ‎appointment from the department of gynecology and obstetrics for both ‎control and gynecological problem, your doctor will share what to do.‎ If necessary, a sample of tissue can take from the uterine for being ‎examined the uterine wall. ‎


What is Endometrial Biopsy?‎


One of the topics that are curious for women is the answer to the ‎question “What ‎is Endometrial Biopsy”. The gynecologist can want to do ‎an endometrial biopsy if the uterine wall gets thick in the woman or ‎if ‎this complication ‎is seen. As we said before, since this process means ‎taking the tissue intrauterine, the patients need to be operated on. In ‎other words, local anesthesia is put to use for being taken the tissue.‎


Endometrial Biopsy can be completed between 15-30 minutes. local ‎anesthesia is used since the process is done only in the uterine. However, the ‎method of the anesthesia under the waist which is called epidural ‎‎anesthesia is used generally according to the decision of the doctor. ‎After the operation, the patient rests for a few hours and she is ‎discharged from the hospital on the same day according to the situation.‎


How is Endometrial Biopsy operated on?‎

One of the topics that are curious for women that are operated on ‎Endometrial Biopsy ‎surgery is the answer to the ‎question “How is ‎Endometrial Biopsy operated on‎”. It should be known that the tissues ‎that are being taken for biopsy aren’t ‎degree so much that damage the ‎patient. Generally, taking the tissue as much ‎one or two pinheads as is ‎enough. So, completing the operation ‎without damaging the uterine is ‎enabled. The steps when being ‎performed the  Endometrial Biopsy ‎are ‎below:‎


Firstly, the patient is enabled to anesthesia with suitable methods.‎

Then, the vagina canal is opened by using a device that is called a ‎speculum.‎

In turn, the uterine canal, uterine, and intrauterine wall is entered by using a ‎special device similar to a tube.‎

The tissue is taken little so much that is enough for examining  ‎

After taking the tissue, the process is completed and the patient is ‎enabled to rest.‎


The steps that are followed for the Endometrial Biopsy ‎are these. The ‎tissues are enabled to send to the pathological examination quickly ‎after this surgery which is very short. Being diagnosed is pretty clear ‎and the treatment is started according to pathology results.‎

Endometrial Biopsy ‎Surgery with Microsurgery


The women that are operated on Endometrial Biopsy ‎surgery ‎are ‎curious about microsurgery is put to use for this surgery or not. It ‎should be known that cutting isn’t opened in the body of the patient ‎when the tissue is taken‎ ‎from the intrauterine wall. Also, the nervous ‎system isn’t affected by this surgery. taking into account all of these, ‎not being necessary ‎microsurgery‎ for ‎‎Endometrial Biopsy ‎will be seen.‎


During the endometrial biopsy ‎surgery, some special instruments are ‎used only for reaching the uterine wall and opening it. Surgery can be ‎completed pretty easily when these instruments are used. Also, when ‎the sample is taken from the uterine wall, the uterine or other organs ‎aren’t damaged. taking into account all of these, microsurgery is pretty ‎unnecessary ‎for this biopsy type.‎


What are the benefits of Endometrial Biopsy ‎Surgery?‎


Endometrial Biopsy ‎Surgery is enabled to reach a lot of information ‎about gynecological diseases. So, this operation has got a lot of benefits. ‎Blood and urine tests can be inadequate for determining the disease. ‎also, the source of this problem can get difficult in some cases such as ‎getting thick the uterine wall. Endometrial Biopsy ‎Surgery becomes a ‎part of an activity at this point and enables to being reached important ‎information such as what is the disease and its source of it.  Endometrial ‎Biopsy ‎Surgery supports diagnosing the disease and starting the treatment ‎without waste of time. So, saying that these processes are so beneficial ‎is probable.‎


Not damaging the uterine is another benefit of Endometrial Biopsy ‎‎Surgery. being taken of the tissue from the uterine of the patients is ‎‎performed pretty minimal size.‎ so the tissue that is taken doesn’t cause ‎pain or a problem in the sexual life.‎


The process after the Endometrial Biopsy ‎Surgery


Some situations should be careful in the process after the Endometrial ‎Biopsy ‎Surgery. Even though taking tissue surgery isn’t a very big ‎operation, the patients can be warned about some situations. The ‎situations that can be experienced in this process and points to take ‎into consideration are below:‎


Resting the patient for at least one day is advised. In this process, there ‎can be pain such as inguinal pain.‎

Doing hard exercises can cause pain after the biopsy.‎

 The women who are operated on for endometrial biopsy ‎surgery aren’t ‎advised to have sex for not to catch an infection.‎

The patient can have nauseating because of the anesthesia.‎

The patients can turn their normal life the next day after the operation.‎


People who consider these situations can pass the process after the ‎operations. Also, suggestions of the doctor should be paid attention to. The ‎patients should go to the doctor after the pathological results come out ‎and enable to examine them and start the treatment.‎



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