"> Best Cataract Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Cataract Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Cataract surgery is among the procedures evaluated within the scope of eye health. This disorder, which usually occurs in older people, can be treated with many different methods thanks to today's conditions. However, it is emphasized in almost every source that the most practical method is the FAKO method.

Cataracts are expressed as the transparency in the middle and front lens of the eye disappears over time and the patient has problems with his eyesight. Cataracts, which are covered within the framework of multiple causes, can occur as a result of the following conditions.

  • Types of drugs such as steroids
  • Being in the advanced age group such as 50-65 years old
  • Excessive exposure to the sun's rays
  • Genetics 
  • Other eye diseases that can cause cataracts
  • Long-standing use of cortisone drugs

As a result of these reasons, it is almost inevitable that individuals will experience cataract problems. In order to prevent this situation and to benefit from the solution methods offered, it will be useful to visit the relevant units of the hospitals.

What is Cataracts?

This problem, which is among the eye diseases, is also discussed within the scope of the question of what is cataracts and is examined in full detail. The transparency in the front and middle lens of the eye loses its clarity due to various reasons. As a result of this transparency, the eyesight may be impaired in patients. 

Patients who complain of cataract problems can visit the relevant departments of hospitals by observing the main symptoms. Some of these symptoms are listed below, respectively.

  • Decreased vision
  • Yellowing of colors, as well as fading occurs
  • Being disturbed by artificial light in the evening
  • Decreased vision in the dark and sunlight

If several of these symptoms appear at the same time, patients should definitely go to the hospital and undergo the necessary examinations. Because thanks to the treatment to be applied in the early period, it will be possible to overcome this disease with minimal damage.

What Area Is Looking at cataracts?

Within the scope of the question of which area cataract is looking, people learn which units to go to through multiple sites and resources. As mentioned earlier, cataracts, which are among the eye diseases, are discussed in the eye health and diseases department of hospitals. You can get detailed information about the treatment options that can be applied by talking to the doctors in this section.

During the pre-examination, various tests are performed on the stage of cataracts, the general health status of the patient and many other similar issues. With the result of these tests, the treatment process that can be applied for the aforementioned health problem is planned. 

An appointment via 182 or through an online site will allow you to be examined both on a day when you are available and effortlessly. In this process, you should take extra care of the conditions specified by your doctor and stick to the treatment.

What is Cataract Surgery?

Another issue discussed in relation to cataracts is the surgical intervention performed in this disease. It is emphasized that many diseases are easily cured thanks to surgical intervention with today's technology. At this point, patients with cataract problems are also researching the process applied for this disease through the question of what is cataract surgery.

Although there are multiple surgical intervention options, fako method is the most practical and at the same time the best resulting method. The FAKO method can be explained in the form of a procedure used for cataract treatment and performed quite easily. You can learn how to perform this surgery by examining both educational video and detailed sources.

How to Perform Cataract Surgery?

The FAKO method applied under the name of cataract surgery is examined with its steps by individuals who have experienced this problem or are doing research on the subject. It is explained that this method is quite easy according to both experts and research sources. 

  • The cataract surgery process performed by FAKO method is explained below in order.
  • The surgery to be performed by FAKO method is a procedure that does not require hospitalization. 
  • One hour before the surgical operation, a drop is dripped to numb the patient's pupil.
  • At the same time, this drop is applied for the purpose of growing the pupil.
  • Thanks to the FAKO method that comes into play here, a 2 mm incision is opened in a short time and the layer with cataracts is carefully melted with ultrasound energy through the eye.
  • With the removal of the melting area, the eyepiece is placed on the empty part. 
  • This small incision heals in a short time and does not cause any permits to remain.

With the completion of these steps listed, cataract surgery using FAKO method will be successfully completed. The fact that both the operation and the recovery period are quite easy ensures that this method is preferred frequently today. 

During the examination, you can talk to your doctor about how to perform cataract surgery in detail both about the operation process and what to do after the operation.

Cataract Surgery with Microsurgery

Another method applied in cataract surgery is evaluated as cataract surgery with microsurgery. This method, also called vitrectomy surgery in medical language, is different from the FAKO option but is performed under the name of microsurgery. 

With this surgery, the transparent part surrounding the outer part of the eye is opened and holes are created in the sclera. Microsurgery instruments are inserted through these holes and the process is carried out in this way. At the same time, the fact that this method is among the seamless treatments ensures that the success rate and patient satisfaction are at a high level.

Cataract disease, in which vitrectomy surgery is also performed, especially fako method, occurs in older ages as a sign of aging. The application of the necessary treatment and the attention of the patient to eye health from all angles ensures a faster conclusion of the operations. 

Advantages of Cataract Surgery with Microsurgery

The advantages of cataract surgery with microsurgery related to the method described above are among the contents investigated. This method, which is quite practical thanks to its technological option, is very useful for the comfort of both surgeons and patients.

Cataract surgery performed with microsurgery, i.e. the advantages of vitrectomy, are listed in the following articles.

  • Thanks to its seamlessness, the risk of surface irritation and other complications is minimized.
  • After the operation, the eye structure is rapidly restored.
  • By not opening the conjunctivical region, the cells there are prevented from being damaged.
  • This surgery, performed with local anesthesia,  makes patients more comfortable mentally. 

When looking at these advantages listed, it is possible to realize that this method is very advantageous for both the patient and the surgeon. You can check out what benefits there are by reviewing other benefits on the topic.

After Cataract Surgery with Microsurgery

In relation to this treatment process in which microsurgery is used, it is also investigated from time to time what conditions patients should pay attention to. In particular, this topic is examined through many sites under the heading after cataract surgery with microsurgery. 

Thanks to the easy and practical operation, it is possible to discharge the patients on the same day or the next day. However, with the discharge process, the healing process should never be left to time and certain situations should be taken care of. 

For example, timely use of medications recommended by the doctor, avoiding the sun's rays for a while, paying attention to eye hygiene and eye circumference care will help speed up the healing process.

You can talk to your doctor or review the issue online for postoperative curiosity or situations that you are confused about.



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