"> Best Carpal Tunnel Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Carpal Tunnel Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Carpal tunnel syndrome is known as a nerve compression that occurs in the wrist. This ailment manifests itself in pain, weakness and drowsiness. This condition, which is usually often encountered in women aged 40-50 years, is more common in those who drink alcohol and smoke, those who have obesity problems, and those who have diabetes.

Symptoms of this ailment include waking up from a night's sleep with pain, a state of numbness and tingling, and a feeling of weakness. At the same time, patients may also experience a feeling of increased heat radiating from the wrists to their arms. Although carpal tunnel syndrome scares patients, today this disease can be eliminated with a simple operation. 

Patients who are faced with carpal tunnel syndrome can regain their health with Carpal Tunnel Surgery. However, conservative treatment can also be applied to patients before surgery. Surgery is performed as a last resort for patients who do not respond to this treatment and do not show improvement.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

To summarize briefly, carpal tunnel syndrome is the way our hands tell us that they are tired. This disorder, which manifests itself by nerve compression occurring in the hand, wrist and finger areas, is a disorder that is quite simple to treat but causes great problems if left untreated.

The carpal tunnel, also known as nerve compression by the public; develops as a result of the nerves pressing on the bones, tendons and muscle tissue. As a result of this event, conditions such as pains, numbness, weakness and increased heat appear in the corresponding area. This condition is usually experienced more often in 3 finger. 

Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome become unable to perform their daily work after a while. At the same time, the quality of life of these patients is also seriously reduced. The tasks that the patient will have difficulty doing include buttoning buttons, reading newspapers, or holding a pen.

Patients who have encountered one or more of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome should contact their health care provider in no time. Patients who do not respond to normal treatments as a result of a specialist doctor's examination can get rid of his complaints by regaining their health with Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

Which Department Deals with Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be found in patients who have complaints such as numbness, weakness, and pain in the hands, wrists, or fingers. When patients are faced with such problems, they wonder which department of hospitals they should go to. 

Nerve compressions in the wrist are examined in the Neurology department of hospitals. For this reason, patients should be examined by making an appointment with the Neurology department. To make an appointment, you can use the MHRS channel or call the 182 line on your phone.

When you make an appointment with the Neurology department of hospitals, the specialist doctor will examine you and make a diagnosis. In the light of the diagnosis, your treatment method will be determined. If your doctor deems it necessary, on the specified date Carpal Tunnel Surgery will be performed and you will be provided with your health.

What is Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Carpal Tunnel Surgery is carried out in order to correct the nerve compression that occurs in the wrist by neurologists. Because local anesthesia is applied to the patient during surgery, the patient does not feel pain or pain. In fact, the patient can even watch his own surgery if he wants. 

Carpal tunnel surgery should be performed by surgeons who are experts and experienced in their field. How expert and experienced the surgeon is is very important for the success of the operation. In addition, early detection also directly affects the success of the operation. For this reason, it is recommended that patients see a specialist doctor as soon as they experience symptoms.

Thanks to today's technology, there is an increase in the success rate of many surgeries. Because surgeries are performed with special equipment and tools produced in accordance with the purpose. Thus, the probability of surgeons making a wrong move is also significantly reduced

How is Carpal Tunnel Surgery Performed?

When Carpal Tunnel Surgery is performed, the patient is given local anesthesia. With this anesthesia, the patient's hand area is anesthetized. In this operation, which takes about 15 minutes, the transverse carpal ligament, which leads to compression of the median nerve, is cut with a 2-centimeter incision performed from the wrist to the palm of the hand.

After this procedure, the nerve compression disappears. After all the procedures are completed, the patient is removed to his room and allowed to rest. The patient can be discharged within a few hours. However, this period may take 1 day in some patients.

The patient will not feel pain at the time of surgery, as he will be under the influence of anesthesia. Thanks to the developing techniques, the operation is completed in as little as 15 minutes. However, according to the difficulty of the operation, an increase may occur during this time.

After 3-5 days after carpal tunnel surgery, the patient can return to his normal life. But in these 3-5 days the patient needs to rest his ankle and not do anything. Otherwise, the nerves may be damaged again and the operation may need to be repeated.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery with Microsurgery

Carpal Tunnel Surgery is not performed using microsurgery. Thanks to the techniques used in this operation, the patient regains his health within 15 minutes and can return to his normal life after 5 days. This operation is performed by neurologists.

Carpal tunnel surgery is a surgery that requires fine work. But today, thanks to specially manufactured tools, the patient can be treated without problems. Although the probability of complications in this operation is low, there is a risk, as in other surgeries.

After carpal tunnel surgery, the patient gets rid of all his complaints and leads an easier life. This operation significantly improves the patient's quality of life. However, the patient should be careful for a week after the operation. After this period, all problems will disappear.

What are the Advantages of Carpal Tunnel Surgery with Microsurgery?

When performed with today's technology, Carpal Tunnel Surgery provides many advantages to the patient and the expert team. These advantages are listed below.

  • Comfort is high at the time of surgery and after surgery.
  • It is one of the most effective and reliable methods of treatment.
  • The patient does not feel pain and soreness, as he will be under the influence of anesthesia. In fact, the operation can also be watched by the patient if he wishes.
  • The duration of the operation is quite short. The procedures take only 15 minutes.
  • The patient can return to his daily life within 5 days after surgery.
  • The probability of complications is extremely low.
  • The probability of damage to the surrounding tissues is very low due to the use of tools that are suitable for the purpose.
  • Patient does not experience much pain after surgery.
  • All the troubles and complaints experienced by the patient end after the operation.
  • The patient's quality of life increases significantly.

The fact that carpal tunnel surgery is performed with the help of tools produced with latest technology provides all these advantages to patients and the expert team. Everything you need to know before the operation will be conveyed to you by your doctor. You can also get answers to the questions you have in mind by asking your doctor.

The Process After Carpal Tunnel Surgery with Micro Surgery

After Carpal Tunnel Surgery, the patient is discharged after resting in the hospital for several hours. In some cases, the patient may need to rest in the hospital for 1 night. The patient who has left the hospital will need to rest and not strain his hand for 3-5 days. after 5 days, movements and work can be started gradually.

After surgery, you should regularly use the medications that your doctor wants you to use and regularly attend check-ups. The probability of your recovery will decrease as much as possible when you do not use the drugs or do not go to the check-ups. There may even be situations such as a recurrence of the operation. Therefore, you should be as careful as possible and follow the recommendations.

After the operation, your doctor will let you know in which cases you should be careful and what you should do. You should listen carefully to what your doctor says and shape your life accordingly. Many patients recover completely within a few weeks after surgery and are able to act as they wish.



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