"> Rhinoplasty for Wide Nose

Rhinoplasty for Wide Nose

Rhinoplasty of the wide nose

Rhinoplasty of the broad nose, also known as rhinoplasty, is the name given to surgeries performed for aesthetic purposes for people who have large and large nostrils. These problems, which cause discomfort to a person such as the misproportion of the nostrils and the width of the wings of the nose, can be treated with rhinoplasty surgery for a wide nose. Rhinoplasty of the  broad  nose is usually an aesthetically preferred surgical procedure. With our experienced health team in our clinic, you can get the nose of your dreams with aesthetics made in sizes and proportions suitable for your face, and you can find a solution to your health problems and breathe more comfortably and healthily.


How many types of rhinoplasty are there?

Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed in several different ways according to the needs of the patient. According to the intervention to be applied, doctors; closed nose surgery, open nose surgery, laparoscopic nose surgery, dynamic, three-dimensional and tamper-free. General anesthesia is applied in rhinoplasty, open rhinoplasty and closed nose surgery technique for a wide nose. These methods may vary according to the structure of the patient's nose and the type of aesthetic he wants.  You can contact our doctor for detailed information about rhinoplasty  for extensive rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty operations.


Open rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. The operation is performed by opening the nose girdle. In surgeries performed in this way, a wide view is provided to the doctor .  It provides a more successful and safe application especially in difficult cases such as a twisted nose. This method can be applied to open the respiratory tract and correct the shape of the nose in common cases of a crooked nose. In an open rhinoplasty, a scar on the nose may remain healing over time.


Closed rhinoplasty

The nostrils are used in closed rhinoplasty surgery. It is a surgical method performed by the doctor without creating an incision for nasal protrusions on the nose. This is the most preferred surgical method by patients, but since only the nostrils are used, it may not allow to change the entire structure of the nose. In this method, there is no suture scar at the tip of the nose as in an open rhinoplasty.


Laparoscopic nose surgery

This method of surgery, which is applied to various diseases of the sinuses, is carried out with the help of laparoscopic. Administered under general anesthesia. The patient is intervened with the vision provided by the endoscope. As a result of the operation, the infection in the sinuses is scanned. Sinus canals that are permanently blocked are opened.


Dynamic rhinoplasty

Dynamic rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to move the tip of the nose and face in harmony with each other. In this surgery, no sutures are placed on the tip of the nose and no damage to muscle tissue occurs. As a result of dynamic rhinoplasty surgery, a person can easily move his nose.


3D 3D Nasal Aesthetics

Thanks to the three-dimensional technological imaging system, the new nose that will be manufactured for the patient before surgery can be designed. The nose to be performed is visualized from every angle before surgery. By visiting our clinic, you can create different aesthetic nose shapes with our specialist doctors.


Buffer-free nose surgery

The nasal plug is not used with this surgical method, which has many advantages for the patient who will undergo rhinoplasty. As a result of this surgery, which is performed using nose tweezers, which are a special tool, the patient can breathe more easily because his nose is not insulated. It is a method used for the faster recovery of the patient.


Who prefers rhinoplasty applications?

The application of rhinoplasty can be performed on a large scale by those who have large nostrils and want to reduce their nostrils. People who want to repair deformities caused by injuries, people who want to give a more aesthetic appearance to their nose in order to correct a congenital nasal defect, or people with breathing difficulties may prefer these applications to facilitate breathing. Today, these surgeries, which are performed with aesthetic concerns to change the shape and size of the nose, are preferred by many people.


For whom rhinoplasty cannot be performed?

Rhinoplasty may involve a number of  risks,  but rhinoplasty surgery for a  wide  nose  carries fewer risks than many surgeries. However, preoperative controls are made to reduce these risks and know the health of the person's body. If a person has diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) and diseases that can cause serious bleeding during surgery and heart disease, he is not a suitable candidate for nose surgery. Even if your body More than the weight you should have, you may not be a suitable candidate for nose surgery. A person who decides to have nose surgery needs to get the opinions of a specialist. You can come to our clinic and meet our specialist doctors.


Does rhinoplasty have a lifetime?

Applications that are made inside and outside the nose and the changes that occur as a result of these applications are permanent for life. The methods applied to the nose do not change by natural means. Therefore, a wide rhinoplasty is lifelong lasting. The nose does not return to its previous state by undergoing a change after surgery.


Where is rhinoplasty performed?

You can visit our clinic for information about extensive rhinoplasty and access to the aesthetic nose you dream of. In order to find a solution to your recurrent health problems, you can meet with our doctors who are experts in their work and determine the most appropriate treatment method for you.


How much is rhinoplasty?

The most influential factor on the prices of these surgeries is how experienced the doctor is. The prices of rhinoplasty surgeries may vary depending on many factors. In addition, the pricing of these processes includes the selection of the sanitary institution, the materials used in the operation and the expenses of team members. We recommend that you visit our clinic and meet our specialist doctors to find the right nose type for your face shape, get a normal nose and get information about the price. 



Things to do before rhinoplasty

There are rules that the patient must follow before rhinoplasty of a wide nose. In order to avoid the risk of excessive bleeding in surgery, the patient should stop using aspirin and similar drugs two weeks ago. If a person had an infection before the operation, this may cause the surgery to be postponed. Alcohol consumption should be restricted at least two weeks in advance so that blood flow and pressure do not increase during surgery. Get rid of stress and fatigue by resting before rhinoplasty to get a wide nose. Two weeks before surgery, you should take care of regular and balanced nutrition. In order to manage this process well, you need to be cooperative with your doctor.


Recovery process after rhinoplasty

It would not be right to say anything obvious about recovery after extensive rhinoplasty surgery. The postoperative recovery process may vary from patient to patient. Although the first week is very important, after closed rhinoplasty surgery, the patient's complaints will be reduced within ten to fourteen days. After nose surgery, internal bandages in the patient's nose remain in the patient's nose for one to seven days. You can continue exercising after a month. In order to reduce the likelihood of swelling and bleeding that may occur in the nose after surgery, the specialist will ask the patient to take various measures for several weeks. Changes in the color of swelling in the eyelids may occur no more than three weeks. Two weeks after the operation, the swelling will generally decrease. After surgery, you should eat healthy and take a break from your harmful habits such as alcohol and smoking for a while. You should not tilt your head too far forward by keeping the pillow on which you lie high. It is not recommended to use drugs other than those prescribed by the doctor after surgery.  It is possible to go through this process more easily with our expert and reliable doctors.



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